Advice. Analysis. Answers.

Welcome to Seventh Wave Laboratories. We’re a consultant-based, contract research lab that provides integrated services for discovery and preclinical drug development. Seventh Wave offers a unique alternative by integrating nonclinical disciplines in pharmacology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, toxicology, and pathology in order to provide robust nonclinical evaluations of drug efficacy, safety, systemic exposure, and metabolism.

Our goals are your goals; whether that means the next round of funding, a filing deadline, or getting to proof–of-concept clinical studies, we take a collaborative, proactive approach. In addition, clients benefit from our commitment to scientific continuity. Because Seventh Wave clients interact with the same pharmacokineticist, toxicologist, and pathologist throughout the development continuum, we can more effectively guide your drug compound through its life cycle. This model ensures our experts intimately know your product—and can successfully defend your compound during the approval and licensing processes.

With a consultative, flexible, integrated, and multi-disciplinary approach, we offer the advice, analysis, and answers necessary to bring your drug to market.