In Vitro Drug Metabolism

Our in vitro services are flexible and diverse. We provide screening assays as needed, and develop novel assays to answer new questions.   And, we offer routine in vitro services to enable regulatory filings. We deliver the correct assay, fit for purpose, to provide the appropriate level of rigor at the right point in time.

A partial list of our offering includes:

Metabolic Stability/Intrinsic Clearance

  • Half-life and intrinsic clearance:
  • Routine and customized assays

Plasma Protein Binding (Equilibrium Dialysis and Ultra filtration)

  • Stage-appropriate assays for determination of unbound fraction
  • Screening assays
  • Definitive assay

Red Blood Cell Partitioning/Blood to Plasma Ratio

  • Stage-appropriate assays to support in vitro/in vivo correlations and human clearance predictions

Cytochrome P450 Characterization of Metabolism

  • Drug-Drug Interaction assays in liver microsomes
  • Reaction Phenotyping

Metabolite ID/Metabolic Profiling

  • Soft-spot analysis (identify metabolically labile areas)
  • Cross-species metabolic profiling

Physical Chemical Property Assessment

  • Solubility measurements (screening using turbimetry and thermodynamic assays)
  • LogP (HPLC and shake slask technique)


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