Liver Humanized Mice

Seventh Wave offers pharmacology studies in liver humanized FRG® KO mice through a partnership with Yecuris to provide the most predictive approach available to study new human liver disease therapies. As with our other laboratory services, Seventh Wave supports our clients with study design, conduct, and result interpretation.

We have more than 2 years of experience developing and validating pharmacology studies in these models and have successfully executed multiple client sponsored studies.

In fact, Seventh Wave is the exclusive provider of services related to hepatitis B virus and C virus pharmacology studies using the humanized FRG® KO model. Yecuris’ models are highly repopulated with human liver cells, making them and ideal candidate for infectious disease and gene delivery/gene therapy studies:

Infectious disease: These models have been validated for hepatotropic disease, especially hepatitis. Please contact us to discuss additional applications in liver disease.

Gene Delivery/Gene therapy: We have demonstrated this model’s utility for evaluating gene therapy and gene delivery technology, evaluating expression using in vivo imaging.

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