Quantitative Microscopy

Our laboratory provides industry-recognized expertise in quantitative microscopy. Consultation and design-based techniques coupled with broad histochemical/immunohistochemical capabilities and knowledge of various disease states create the best possible quantitative evaluations.

Image Analysis:

  • Computer assisted, high throughput capability
  • Multiple image analysis platforms are used, including Visiomorph™ and Halo™


  • Unbiased, design-based, using statistically proven principals
  • Multiple stereology platforms are used, including NewCast™

Examples include:

  • Muscle fiber cross-sectional area and Feret’s diameter
  • Co-expression of markers; double-stain positivity in the cytoplasm or nucleus
  • Area and area ratios; volume and volume ratios (e.g. volume of infarcted tissue, collagen, or mucus in an organ)
  • Membrane marker quantitation
  • Immune cells in tumors
  • Object quantitation (e.g. microvessels, amyloid plaque, glomeruli, islets)
  • Number of cells in a structure or organ
  • Microglial activation
  • Layer thickness
  • Proliferation assays


  • Interpretive reports with illustrative images are prepared by Seventh Wave Pathologists

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