Seventh Wave team members will be traveling to San Diego for the STP meeting June 25-29.


We’ll also be participating in a few of the sessions, specifically;

On Sunday, June 26, during the continuing education course titled “The Respiratory System As a Target for Drug-Induced Toxicity: Pathology and Investigational Techniques”,

Dr. Kristen Nikula will present  Pulmonary Macrophages in Health and Disease at 10:20 a.m.


Then, on Monday, June 27, during the session titled “Real World Toxicology Outcomes: Impact of Species and Strain Selection on Drug Development Programs”,

Dr. John Sagartz will present Copovidone-Related Cutaneous Response in the Dog and Management of Pseudoallergic Responses in Beagle Dogs at 11:20 a.m.

We’re excited to contribute to the program this year, and we’re also looking forward to sharing the news of our growth with our colleagues.  To arrange a time for a discussion with any of our scientists click below.