Why Seventh Wave

Seventh Wave is a unique alternative. We are small enough to provide highly customized service, yet large enough to support many programs and address diverse challenges—all with a focus on delivering competitive advantages. We actively engage with our clients to provide the advice, analyses, and answers that will efficaciously further their goals.

Below are just a few of the reasons clients choose to work with Seventh Wave.

  • Our Approach
    Your goals are our goals. Whether it’s the next round of funding, a filing deadline, or getting to proof-of-concept clinical studies, we take a proactive approach to meeting your needs. We work with members of your team to best meet the requirements of the study. In doing so we understand the intended purpose(s) of the studies we conduct, rather than just executing a given protocol. Whether a study is designed to evaluate the solubility, bioavailability, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, or safety, our scientists partner with you to develop design(s) that will effectively satisfy your objectives.
  • Quality and Integrity
    The quality of our data defines who we are. We stake our reputation on every piece of data we provide. We perform each and every study with a commitment to the highest levels of honor and reliability.
  • Responsiveness and Flexibility
    To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we prioritize consistent study conduct and report at a pace that far exceeds industry expectations. In addition, we move quickly to provide the flexibility you need when there are unexpected challenges in study planning. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times, and do our best to exceed your expectations.
  • Communication and Collaboration
    We share your passion and sense of urgency about your projects, and we will continuously keep you informed about the progress of your study. And because we recognize the value in high-quality team interactions and the positive effect on overall project timelines and data, our scientists collaborate with your team during all phases of the project. Additionally, although we offer many laboratory services within our facilities, when studies require services from other providers, we facilitate the introduction to those laboratories and manage those activities on behalf of our clients.
  • Scientific Continuity:
    We can guide your drug candidate from cradle to graduation—all while prioritizing scientific continuity. Clients benefit from interacting with the same pharmcokineticist, toxicologist, and pathologist throughout the development continuum. This model ensures our experts intimately know your drug compound and can confidently defend it during the approval and licensing stages. Knowledge, credibility, and consistency can go a long way when negotiating licensing deals.

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